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Happy Moonday Teen Wolf lovers!

Another Moonday is upon us and I’m excited, scared and a little turned on. Can’t wait for tonight’s brand new episode 3x20: Echo House.

Looks like Allison and Lydia are teaming up once again, which is awesome b/c we need to celebrate the girl power on this show (also wouldn’t mind some material (gifs and screencaps) for my Lydison crack ship fodder).

I’m live tweeting for both the east coast and west coast tonight via @beaconhillspod, hope some of you decide to join me for one or both. 

Can’t wait to to see what my partner in crime/podcast co-host Dahne thinks of this episode and what madness will go down on the podcast this week. 

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sometimes before it gets better
the darkness gets bigger

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320 Sneek peek 2

So Malia IS the one Stiles is kissing in the mental institution…..

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Happy Moonday pack mates!

I’m so pumped for this week’s episode of Teen Wolf 3x19: Letharia Vulpina. 

If you’re on the west coast be sure to come and live tweet with me @beaconhills. 

Don’t forget to be on the lookout for a new episode of Welcome to Beacon Hills podcast shortly there after. 



I’m downloading everything I possibly can with Ian Bohen in it (I don’t have a problem shhhhh) but if there is anything specific you want gifing let me know.

Next up is 5 Souls.

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I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that Sheriff Stilinski is Johnny Cage.

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- Tell me everything you know about fox fire.

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Welcome to Beacon Hills (podcast)

Hi, we’re Dahne and Lilith, just a couple of gals who really love Teen Wolf. So much so we decided to do a podcast dedicated to it. We’re here on Tumblr looking to connect with fans from all walks of life. Right now, I’m looking for cool fans to follow and who follow back to make my dash a little nicer. 

I (Lilith) pretty much run the blog. I write fan fics, do edits, am a transparent image making expert, screencapper and gif maker. The ask, submit and request boxes are always open.

Reblog this post and I’ll check out your blog and if I like what I see, I will totes follow you back. 

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If you didn’t know Kira was a love interest before now you do. This is a classic camera technique to denote that status. 

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- I’m the nightmare you fell asleep and then woke up still in…

(Eminem - Bad Guy)

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I’ll hide under the covers until this winter is over. I won’t see the sun, and I won’t watch the rain and I won’t count my blessings for my blessings are my pain

from: ‘Darkness Washed Over the Dude’ by A Day At The Fair 

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